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About Us

A healthy lifestyle is a choice. In modern-day society, more and more people are taking steps toward the correct choice. MBH Fitness is here to help you get there. As a prominent manufacturer in the rapidly growing Chinese industry, we excel in the development, production, and distribution of premium exercise equipment. Our robust catalogue includes the functional walker, recumbent bike, commercial treadmill, triceps press, shoulder press, flat bench, incline bench, and much more. ODM and OEM services are available for our wide selection of cardio equipment, free weight equipment, and strength training machinery.

Quality Assurance
All of our fittings are procured from trusted suppliers. Imported parts are brought in from countries such as Germany, Japan, and South Korea. A stress-test facility allows us to rigorously analyze the quality of spare parts.

Manufacturing Advantage
MBH owns a complete array of production equipment including the laser cutting machine, automated robot welding machine, and various types of CNC production equipment. Standardized methods are utilized for high-end processing procedures. Rust removal is achieved through a combination of sand and electrostatic-spraying techniques. Reiteration of the spraying technique allows us to optimize surface treatment. The stress-test laboratory ensures the integrity of processed components.

Human Resources
90% of our management staff have the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Their average age is less than 30. The vitality and innovative capacity of MBH is affirmed.

Within confinements of the highest industry standards, our R&D team has designed complete sets of region-specific exercise equipment. This professional development team consists of mechanical engineers, modeling engineers, biomechanical specialists, and other industry-related experts. Amongst this ensemble of exceptional talent, there are more than 30 who have obtained the title of senior tech.

More than 50% of our technical personnel have had more than 3 years of relevant experience. Feedback from previous projects allows us to continually refine the performance of our workout equipment. With customer satisfaction as our number one priority, MBH will set industry precedents and exceed all expectations.

Cost Control
Advanced production equipment enables bulk production. Under the guidance of our proficient management personnel, production costs are effectively optimized.

Logistics Advantage
Our workshop is situated at the Economic Development Zone of Ningjin County in Dezhou city, Shandong province. It is only 239 kilometers from Tianjin Port, making transportation extremely convenient. Our products have found export destinations in more than 70 countries and regions worldwide including the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, etc.

Development History
MBH Fitness was inaugurated in 2001. In 2010, we invested 660 million RMB in the construction of a new factory. This facility occupies 60,000 of an 86,000 square meter area. Its completion marks the beginning for a new age of prosperity for our company.

In a 2010 statistics survey conducted by a neutral third party, the MBH brand claimed the number one spot with a 32% market share in the Chinese industry for exercise equipment. Riding on this momentum, our reputation continues to grow in the heart of consumers.

MBH Fitness-trust us, you'll thank yourself later.

Shandong MBH Fitness Co., Ltd.

Sales Office Add.: Rm 106, 1/F, Building 16, Area 5, Yard 5, Beiyuan Rd, Chaoyang Dist., Beijing, China 100012

Manufacturing Base: Yinhe Industry Zone, Ningjin County, Dezhou, Shandong, China 253400

Email: [email protected]
Contact Person: Ms.Jing Liu