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M-7800 Commercial Treadmill

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

M-7800 series

This M-7800 series commercial treadmill is provided with 7-LED dynamic digital display. Its noiseless AC motor possesses the rated power of 3.0HP. Our product comes with 8 fixed programs as well as 2 user-defined programs, thus the speed value can be set by our users at any time within a regular time period. The speed ranges from1.0 km/hto20.0km/h.

Detailed Data
Input Voltage 220V+10%(50Hz or 60Hz)
Rated Power of Motor 3.0HP
Working Temperature 0-40 centigrade
Speed Range 1.0-20.0(km/h)
Time Range 0:00-99:59(min: sec)
Distance Range 0.00-99.9(km)
Calorie Range 0-999(Kcal)
Heart RateRange 50-256(times/minute)
Incline Range (0-20)%
Dimension 2220mm*900mm*1500mm
Running Belt Area 1600mm*510mm
Package Size 2350mm*1080mm*720mm
N.W. 190kg
G.W. 270kg