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Production Pictures
  • Production Workshop
  • CNC Lathe
  • Cutting Machine Tool
  • Laser Cutting
  • Robot Welding Production Line
  • Robot Welding
  • Spray-Coating Production Line Equipment
  • Destructive Laboratory
  • Assembly Workshop
  • Warehouse

All our products are made by technological equipment. Especially by adoption of the spray coating process twice, the surface treatment of all machines can be almost perfect. In addition, the destructive laboratory is applied, and all kinds of fittings and accessories have been strictly detected.

Shandong MBH Fitness Co., Ltd.

Sales Office Add.: Rm 106, 1/F, Building 16, Area 5, Yard 5, Beiyuan Rd, Chaoyang Dist., Beijing, China 100012

Manufacturing Base: Yinhe Industry Zone, Ningjin County, Dezhou, Shandong, China 253400

Email: [email protected]
Contact Person: Ms.Jing Liu